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Hitty dolls


Hitty dolls
Hittys are wooden dolls based on the doll in the book Hitty: Her First Hundred Years. Most wooden Hitty dolls are 6 and one-quarter inches tall like the original Hitty doll.

Hitty dolls, however, are generous in allowing other dolls to be considered a "Hitty", and it is not uncommon today to find Hittys made from wood, cloth, resin, or even porcelain, so long as they are created in a similar style to the original Hitty doll. Many Hitty artists enjoy experimenting with different media in which to create Hittys. There have also been a number of Hitty gatherings over the last few decades, and many of these feature a special artist-made Hitty doll. These dolls are highly sought-after by collectors, as are most artist-made Hitty dolls.

Where to buy Hitty dolls

There are many artists who sell Hitty dolls, doll kits, and/or accept commissions to make a Hitty doll.

Carve your own Hitty doll

For beginning carvers, basswood (linden) is an excellent soft wood to start with. Study the illustrations in the original book to decide how you want your Hitty to look. (You will probably not be happy with the first few attempts. Consider it a learning experience.) If you would like a leg up, buy a Hitty blank so the rough shaping of the doll is done.

Clothes for Hitty dolls

Hitty can be difficult to sew for due to her small size. You can however practice and learn to sew for her. Alternately, there are many people who already sew for Hitty; they often have outfits for sale.

Stands for Hitty dolls

If you intend to display your Hitty in a standing position, you will probably need a doll stand for her. Very few Hitty dolls are carved to be able to stand unattended. I find that these small Kaiser stands are a good fit for a "standard" (6 1/4" to 6 1/2") Hitty.

Hitty scale

Although Hitty can technically fit into a 1:12 scale dollhouse, she is too large for this scale. She and her things are considered 1:8 scale. This is why a lot of Hitty collectors simply make things to fit her scale rather than trying to use too-small 1:12 scale furniture.