Practical Hitty

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Hitty links


Hitty links
If you are interested in Hitty and other dolls like her, please explore the following offsite links for further information:

The real Hitty

Tip: Phone ahead if you would like to pay respects to the Original Hitty during your visit to the Library.

Hitty artists

If you are interested in buying a Hitty doll, commission an artist to carve one for you.

Hitty blanks

Try your hand at carving your own Hitty. Start with a blank if this is your first carving.

Hitty clothes

Hitty wardrobe enhancement.

Note: Hitty is a tiny doll. The coral beads for her necklace are 2mm in diameter. Anything larger looks out of scale. This can be a difficult size to find.

Hittys and their humans

Hitty can be found in all parts of the human world.

Collectible dolls of all types

Tealmermaid's Treasure Grotto